Cryptocurrency Trading and Auctions

Developed by Initio Ventures

Current State

Developed and beta-tested MVP version available for evaluation. Version includes P2P crypto-currency exchange and simulator.

  • June 2018

    Trade Simulator and Education

    Users can learn about cryptocurrency through an ad-hoc educational model while practicing what they learned in a near-live simulated environment. Users will buy, sell, and trade crypto-currencies using real market data and simulating transactions to develop their trading strategies. Users will also be able to subscribe to real-time news feeds and market regulation news as well as leverage integrated social sharing to invite others, share their progress and contribute content via our messaging platform. Read more...

  • Platform Roadmap

  • Q3 2018

    Trade and Auctions

    Live P2P Trade and Auction exchange is scheduled to launch in Q3 2018. User will be able to trade and/or auction live currencies. Initially, the top 50 cryptocurrencies will be supported as defined by market cap. Additional cryptocurrencies will be added in phases. User will also continue to have access to enhanced market analytics tools helping guide their decision making process.

  • Q1, 2019

    Mobile App

    A mobile app allowing users to trade in as little as 5 clicks will be launched in Q12019. The app will be user friendly, intuitive and will work across all mobile devices.

  • Q2, 2019

    Add all cryptocurrencies

    All cryptocurrencies not previously available for trading and/or auction will be added. Users will now be able to trade any crypto-currency using either the mobile app or through our web platform.

  • Q3, 2019

    Portfolio Management and Market Guidance

    In addition to the analytics tools, we will also provide 'white glove' portfolio management helping enterprises, small businesses, market makers and other high volume traders make accurate, timely decisions. Leveraging our proprietary currency/user risk classification system, we will be able to provide guidance on the best ways to meet user objectives.