Monetize digital assets!

The average American family of 4 creates ~ 53GB of digital content/year. But what happens to that content once it's created?

Learn what your content is worth and monetize it in 4 clicks!


How It Works

$55,000 is the average value of digital content owned by a user. Do you know how much your content is worth?

Creating and posting digital content is easy. But then what? How do you ensure that your content is protected? Or more importantly that you are able to monetize it?

Digitz.me can help determine the value of your content, secure ownership rights and monetize it in four clicks. Leveraging blockchain technology, Digitz.me verifies the content creator and allows you to share your content freely without compromising your ownership rights. With Digitz.me, we help you to choose a distribution method for your content, eliminate the guessing game of assessing its value, and help you to monetize it at every step.